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Become A Private Detective Become A Private Investigator PI training Become A Private Detective Become A Private Investigator PI training Become A Private Detective Become A Private Investigator PI training Become A Private Detective Become A Private Investigator PI training Become A Private Detective Become A Private Investigator


Train to become a private investigator and learn how to start your own successful private investigation agency

Study at home with no previous experience necessary and start your own Investigation Agency in less than 6 weeks

Be your own boss and earn up to £100 per hour with the UKPIN Diploma Course.

Comprehensive Training

By training with the UKPIN you will not only learn how to be a professional private investigator but also how to set up and run your own investigation agency.

Run Your Own Agency

We will also teach you how to actually operate and market your investigation agency, win clients and make real money.

Membership of the UKPIN

You can become a member the UKPIN and instantly be at the heart of our industry networking with 600 other professional private investigators for business, advice, experience and discussion.

Operate Nationally & Internationally

With the resources of the UKPIN at your fingertips you will be able to operate your investigation agency both nationally and internationally and capitalise on the vast amount of work available to our industry today.

“A Comprehensive Training Course for a Career in Private Investigation”

Learn how to become a professional Private Investigator or Detective.

Learn how to set up a professional Investigation Agency.

Learn how to market your agency and win clients.

Receive continued support both during and AFTER your course.

Join the UKPIN and network with 650 fellow professionals.

Be able to offer your agency services nationally and internationally.

“Not just a course but a career!”

To give you an idea of how fascinating, interesting and often exciting the world of a private investigator can be, below is a brief insight into their life and work:


A Private Investigator or Private Detective can be involved in all manner of general and specialist investigations across the entire domestic, personal, business, legal and commercial investigative industry. A private investigator may also be involved in criminal investigations in the course of his work and specialist criminal investigators are generally referred to as Private Detectives.


The working life of a private investigator is extremely interesting and diverse with every day bringing new, exciting and different challenges.

On any given day, he/she may be involved in a myriad of investigations and enquiries, the following are examples of just a few:


Observing and following persons in connection with matrimonial cases, false accident or sickness claims, crime, industrial fraud, intelligence and many other exciting situations.

Taking statements

From witnesses, suspects or for research and background purposes.

General Enquiries

Intelligence gathering on companies or individuals, financial status investigations and diverse information gathering.

Process serving

The delivery and serving of Court and legal papers on individuals and companies.


Acting as an agent for a company or solicitor to repossess property or vehicles.


Fidelity investigations, child custody and asset location.

Skip Tracing

Locating debtors and absconders.

Personal Accident

Investigating the circumstances arising from personal injury claims and conducting surveillance operations on suspected fraudulent claimants.

Road Accident

Investigating the circumstances of an accident and taking evidence and statements from accident parties and witnesses.

Criminal Defence

Instructed by a solicitor to Investigate and substantiate an alibi, make general enquiries, prepare reports or take a statement.

Missing Persons

Locating missing persons, relatives, heirs and lost friends or family.


Identifying and locating natural parents of children and the reverse situation. Also, acting as the go-between and making first contact.

'Locus in Quo' Enquiries

(Latin for: 'the place in which' or scene of the event) - Preparing site plans, taking photographs, examining scenes and reporting on locations, particularly for road accident investigations and crime defence scenes.

Test Purchasing

For businesses and retail outlets to ensure staff adherence to company policies and to prevent or detect internal pilfering and fraud.

Mystery Shopping

To establish the efficiency of staff and business systems in such places as shops, hotels and casinos.

Once you become a private investigator there are an almost infinite amount of interesting and varied investigations and enquiries that you can become involved in.

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The clients of a private investigator

Professional Private Investigators undertake all manner of investigations for all sorts of clients, their clientele can include:

  • Private Individuals
  • Commercial Firms
  • Private Companies
  • Solicitors involved with criminal, civil and matrimonial cases
  • Public Bodies, such as Councils and Government Departments
  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Financial Companies and Institutions
  • Retail Businesses and Shopping Chains
  • Licensing Trade
  • International Clients
  • Other Investigators Sub-Contacting Work
  • and many, many more


At present, there are no educational standards or formal qualifications required to start your own Private Investigation Agency.

It is a common belief that Private Investigators come from a police, military police or security work but this is not true; there are a large number of successful working private investigators, from all different types of backgrounds, who have succeeded in the investigation industry as a second career through private training. In fact, over half the members of the UKPIN are not from a police or investigative background.

With the UKPIN Private Investigator Training Course anyone can be a private investigator and run their own agency, it is all you need to get started and on the road to success.


Quality training with the UKPIN, ongoing knowledge and professional support as you progress through the early days of you becoming a Professional Private Investigator is absolutely essential. Be in no doubt, it will make the difference between success and failure.

By taking the UKPIN Private Investigation Training Course you will:

  • Receive comprehensive training to become a professional private investigator
  • Receive support and advice during and after your training
  • Learn how to set up and start your new private investigation agency
  • Learn how to market your agency and secure clients
  • Learn how to charge for your services and make money
  • Become a member of the UKPIN with all the benefits it brings
  • Be introduced straight into the investigation industry
  • Be able to investigate nationally and internationally through the UKPIN
  • Be able to do business with and learn from over 600 professional private investigators

Training with and being a member of the UKPIN will give you success.

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Act now and have a great career by becoming a private investigator with the UKPIN Training Course.

Become A Private Investigator

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