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Professional Private Investigation Diploma - What our Students say about the Course

Steve Sweet - Dip PI (UKPIN)

"I have completed this course from UKPIN and would highly recommend it for anyone wishing to prepare for a career as a Private Investigator. The UKPIN course is far superior to all the distance learning courses I have researched.

If you wish to be an effective PI then the UKPIN Is an absolute must. I have just started my agency and had the ongoing help and support from the UKPIN.

I never have a day without work. I have put in a lot of effort to pass and now the benefits have been FANTASTIC.

I now have regular work from other agencies who have been established over many years and in a short time and my agency is now their first option to assist. This is all down to the UKPIN course with access to the UKPIN network on successful completion of the course.

The best thing I have ever done was to study with the UKPIN. Support is ongoing throughout your training and career.

I was so Impressed with the course that I have dedicated a page on my website for the UKPIN.

SDS Investigators
Berkshire, England

Les Raithby - Dip PI (UKPIN)

Having studied all of the Modules in the Professional Private Investigation Diploma Training Course I now feel well prepared to enter into the intriguing world of the PI. The detail of the course was much more than I expected, extremely well written and easy to understand throughout.

I was pleased to receive regular phone calls and emails from the UKPIN to check on my progress and answer any questions I had. I particularly enjoyed the ‘real life’ stories of some of the investigations that I may be soon conducting.

Although I was naturally somewhat nervous about stepping into the world as a new Private Investigator, I now know that with the whole UK PI Network at my disposal I have all the help I need to succeed in this truly, unique, exciting and rewarding industry.

I have already secured my first clients and, with the guidance of the UKPIN, I have now purchased my new agency website and am in the process of developing it - exciting times for me!

A special thanks to the UKPIN director for all the help he gave me and to everyone at the UKPIN for all your support."

Raithby Investigations
Lincolnshire, England

Anthony Jones - Dip PI (UKPIN)

"The UKPIN course definitely is worth doing both for new trainees and experienced private investigators. Since I completed my Diploma, the door has opened more opportunities than I could of imagined.

The fact is that the course not only teaches you how to become a professional investigator but also helps you to understand the do’s and don’ts, that all fellow operatives of the UKPIN and the industry as a whole require.

If you don't have any professional background, the course will teach you how to set up an agency, become an operative, give tips and priceless information on how to get business.

If you have any professional background in this field, you will know the course is excellently put together and is an absolute necessity for aspiring private investigators.

Since I obtained my Diploma and became a UKPIN member, the Network has enabled us all to cover for work for each other and enabled me to operate throughout the UK and abroad.

I cannot thank the UKPIN enough for their training and the business opportunities that they have opened up for me and my agency."

Anthony Jones Investigations
Cardiff, Wales

Precious Owusu-Boateng - Dip PI (UKPIN)

"I am so pleased to be a graduate of the UKPIN because the knowledge I have acquired is beyond the knowledge of any other newly qualified graduates acquire.

It seems I have been in the profession for years because the UKPIN trained me by Head, Heart and Hand:

By Head - I was given professional and up to date knowledge.

By Heart - I was made to feel the profession in my world through practical and real examples from experienced tutors and investigators.

By Hand - I was given professional advice on how to set up and be successful including; choosing name for my agency, logo design, fruitful advertising and marketing skills, etc., as well as the reasons why all this advice was given and necessary.

I am recommending that YOU should CHOOSE the UKPIN if you really want to become a Professional Private Investigator because they provide an All-in-One training. Also, I thank the UKPIN staff very much because they were always there for me each time I needed them and still are."

Universal Eye Agency (UEYEA)
Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa

Richard Haigh - Dip PI (UKPIN)

"Having recently completed my UKPIN training course I would definitely recommend it for anyone wishing to start a career in the investigation industry.

Abacus InvestigationsThe course content is well structured and easy to digest and presented in a format that’s easy and enjoyable to study. It covers all areas of the investigation industry to get you started with your new career.

After learning how to set up an investigation agency correctly, the team at UKPIN were a great help and gave me lots of good advice as I was doing so.

Their help has definitely assisted me to get off to a flying start. I dread to think what mess I would have got into without the excellent instruction and guidance from them.

If your are serious about becoming a private investigator the UKPIN are definitely the people you need to train with.

Thank you UKPIN."

Abacus Investigations
West Yorkshire, England

Adrian Kirkbride - Dip PI (UKPIN)

"I can fully recommend the UKPIN Private Investigation Course, not only did it help me to understand and learn the many and various different subjects it covered, but it showed me how to easily set up and run my own investigation agency, without that guidance I think I would have struggled to do so.

My agency is doing well now thanks to all the great promotion and marketing advice I learned from the course.

Once I was up and running I found the UKPIN Network very beneficial and it is very reassuring to know that advice from over 600 of the members is available to me at any time."

Adrian James Associates
Cumbria, England

Agent Ola – Dip PI (UKPIN)

"The UKPIN course gave me insight on how to become a Private Investigator and how to set up my own agency. I like the fact that some of the modules are dedicated to setting up your own PI business and how to make money as a PI.

I passed the course with Distinction and have since setup my own agency Nigeria Private Investigation Agency. Thanks to UKPIN for the support and empowerment."

NPIA - Nigeria Private Investigation Agency

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