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If you require the services of a professional investigative specialist, forensic expert, private investigator, private detective, tracing agent, enquiry agent, process server, investigation agency or detective agency in the United Kingdom then check that they are a member of the UKPIN.

Our International Private Investigators Directory contains professional investigators, detectives and specialists throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Become a Member of the UKPIN

To be considered for UKPIN membership you must be a full-time or part time professionally active:

  • Private Detective
  • Private Investigator
  • Enquiry Agent
  • Bailiff
  • Process Server
  • Member of an occupation directly related to the investigation industry
  • Security specialist related to investigation
  • Overseas agent actively conducting or exchanging business with UK agents

Become a Private Investigator

The professional investigation training course that teaches you:

  • Complete Surveillance Tradecraft
  • Enquiry Agent Skills
  • Road Traffic Accident Training
  • Debt Collection Tecvhnique
  • How to become a private investigator - with comprehensive detective training.
  • How to start your own private investigation agency.
  • How to run and market your agency successfully and profitably
  • How to network nationally and internationally

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Always check to ensure an investigator or detective is a member of the UKPIN

The UKPIN is a highly organised network of professional private investigators, private detectives, enquiry agents, process servers and specialist investigative experts located throughout the United Kingdom UK, England Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Southern Ireland - Eire. We also have a growing international membership.

Within the membership of the UKPIN, professional experts can be found with a vast range of specialist knowledge covering every aspect of investigation to provide you with all of your investigation needs, with many of our members being highly trained former police officers.

Licensing of Private Investigators in the UK

There is currently no licensing requirement for a UK private investigator or private detective. However, new laws are in various stages of progress across the United Kingdom to deal with the licensing of the investigation industry and until they come into effect one should be very careful to check the authenticity of the private investigators they intend instructing.

Remember to view the UK & International Association acronym guide to see which organisations a private investigation agency is affiliated to both in the UK and internationally.

All UKPIN members have been vetted to confirm that they are bona fide trading private investigators and private detectives.

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These sources are within the public domain and are free to access in most cases.

This information gathering procedure was physically carried out in the past (at places such as Somerset House) but is now commonly done online, at least initially, to build up a picture of information.

Here is a nifty article on Boolean Searching which can save hours when used correctly to mine data.

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